Summer Intensive in Sala Sabil August 8th-12th 2022


Movement Research Laboratory

In this laboratory we will study the body and its movement from its inherent aspects, namely: the shape of the body (its anatomy and its systems), the weight and its possible flows (densities), the relationship with space and the relationship with time.

For this workshop we take as a reference the book: Poetics of Contemporary Dance, by Laurance Louppe and The Sensitive Body by David Le Breton. Through very specific movement patterns that accurately frame where to focus their attention, the participant is guided to explore and (re)discover, through sensations and proprioception, the possibilities of movement of their body. At the end of the workshop, we will do movement practices in nature.


Poliana Lima is a choreographer and dancer living in Madrid since 2010, where she began her creations in 2011. Taking the body as the central object of her expression, she explores the possibilities of creating a poetic on stage that is capable of communicating in a simple and profound way with the audience. Themes such as identity and memory are recurrent in her creations, as well as the relationship between creation and pedagogy, which she sees as a fundamental part of her work as an artist.




The intensive takes place the week of August 8th to August 12th 2022.

Monday to Friday from 10-14hs.



€ 160 with reservation making the deposit of € 60 before July 25th.
€ 180 with reservation making the deposit of € 60 after July 25th.


Last date for registration August 1st.
Limited places.