We are Manon and Borja, two artists and organizers of dance events. We have launched ourselves with all our love and experience to create this life and community project.

We believe that the human being is inseparable from nature and therefore it is clear to us that we have to homes, the earth and our body. Taking care of both is vital and we cannot leave this aside. Moving to the countryside is a solution, a way of living in harmony with our values, thoughts and actions, while inviting other people to take part.

As a team we have years of experience in artistic creation, performance, teaching and the promotion of dance and in the field and development of permaculture. We have an extensive network of artists, collaborators and cultural agents supporting this project in its realization, support and use. With the support of associations, groups and other social projects, we carry out synergies to support each other.

Beginning with Manon Siv Duquesnay, French-Danish, dancer, choreographer and teacher. She got her BA in Dance Performance between DOCH – Uniarts (SE) and Institut del Teatre (ES) and is currently studying a Master in Choreography in DASPA (DK). She lives and learns by teaching, creating and dancing; with her company DuqLav Dance she creates dance pieces and community, with the platform Project V she endorses equality through artistic events and furthermore she teaches and choreographs internationally.

Continuing with Borja Llorente from Madrid, teacher, coach and cultural technician. He trained in dance with different teachers and schools, traveling while sharing his knowledge and learning all over the world. He studied his PDC in permaculture between London (UK) and Liguria (IT) and participated in the design of an intensive permaculture farm in Cáceres (ES). Currently he works as a cultural technician, he organizes and teaches regularly and at festivals, on a national and international level, and he is all up for integrating all this in the project.